Grateful Son Who Worked To Save For His Own Vehicle But Missed Out Cries When Mom Surprises Him With That Very Car | Happily TV

A hard-working son who thought he'd lost out on a car he had been saving to buy was brought to tears when his mom surprised him with the vehicle. Once Julian Holbrook turned 18, he began working hard to reach his ultimate goal of purchasing his first-ever vehicle. According to Julian's mom, Ora, Julian saved more than a year until he asked her to inquire about potentially purchasing a neighbor’s car in November 2023. Unfortunately for Julian, the neighbor wasn't ready to sell, leaving Ora to monitor the situation over the following months. In a TikTok post explaining the situation, Ora wrote that, one day, she prayed that her sons would have their cars – only to receive a knock on her door the following day. The neighbor, Ora said, was ready to sell their car, so she and her family worked on making Julian's dream come true ahead of his 20th birthday celebrations, on March 3. On the day, Julian was called outside his Mississippi home, where he thought he was set to use one of his family members' cars to drop someone off. But as he walked outside, Ora informed her son that he was taking his car today. The gesture caused the 20-year-old to start sobbing immediately.