Girlfriend Throws Boyfriend Party But Ends Up Being Her Party Instead

A woman who threw a party for her boyfriend was shocked when in fact her boyfriend had secretly arranged the whole thing to propose to her in front of family and friends. Cece Catena was left gobsmacked when boyfriend Alex Ramirez got down on one knee declaring: “She thought she was gonna throw this party for me - but really this party’s for her.” Alex had let Cece arrange the birthday party all while secretly planning to use the occasion for a proposal in front of their family and friends in Nipomo, California. Video captured by the guests, shows Alex blowing out candles on his birthday cake, before beginning to make a speech. As he thanked family and friends – including Cece’s close relations who had flown in from the East coast – for coming to the party, Alex quickly turned attentions to Cece. Thanking her for arranging the party, he added a ‘but’ before explaining he had really orchestrated the party so that he could ask a very special question. Getting down on one knee, Alex asked if Cece would marry him, to which she said yes through floods of tears.