Soldier Surprises Wife At Work At Dentist After 11 Month Deployment

A dental worker let out a huge scream before falling to her knees in joyous tears, as she approached a chair in her practice to discover her military husband, who had been serving overseas for the past 10 months. Elizabeth Ayomide Oyemomi could not contain her emotions when the man in the chair turned out to be her husband, Damilare Victor Oyemomi. Damilare, 30, is a Sergeant E5 with the Minnesota National Guard, and in March 2021, he was deployed to Kuwait for six months, where he was also sent to Saudi Arabia for a further mission. Two days before arriving home, Damilare called Lizy's boss and asked if they could help with a surprise, and on the day itself, January 29, Lizy was given a little extra lab work. While she was doing this, Damilare's friend drove him to the practice, and he was snuck into the Community Dental Care, in Applewood, Minnesota, where he took a seat and waited for Elizabeth to enter. Just before she did, Damilare – who is originally from Nigeria – started his phone's camera rolling and handed the device over for someone to the wholesome reunion on video. Mandatory Credit: @oyemomidami / T&T Creative Media