Mom Surprises Daughter With Quilt Of 125 Books She Has Read | Happily TV

A bookworm and aspiring author couldn’t believe her eyes when her mom surprised her with a giant quilt she made featuring her favorite titles from over the years stitched beautifully into the pattern of a bookcase. Ren Burkardt, 29, from Brookfield, Connecticut, immediately covered her mouth in shock and cried when her family unraveled the quilt, which was hanging from the ceiling of their home. So many of the books – and sentimental objects also stitched on the quilt – are "pieces of my heart," Ren said, having always associated her love of reading with her mom and grandpa. Ren taught herself to read at four years old, and her mom, Linda, would read a chapter of the first Harry Potter book to her every night. After that, Ren would make visits to her local bookstore with her grandpa, leaving with an armful of books every time – and went on to study English language and literature in Nottingham, UK. Linda had learned how to quilt a few years earlier and so it was common in her family to see members surprised with small lap quilts, or baby quilts being gifted to friends. But when she saw the giant roll, on Christmas Day 2022, she initially thought it was for her sister, Sam, and her new husband. When her brother Chuck revealed the stunning design, though, Ren immediately knew it was for her, which brought her to cry happy tears. As well as 125 books, woven into the design were sentimental touches, too, including: Ren's grandfather photo's with her as a child; his favorite bird, the chickadee; a photo of Ren's sister and her on Sam's wedding day; her grandfather’s last book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.