Navigating Winter with the 2019 Honda Pilot

With winter approaching, I thought it would be good to test drive an eight-seat SUV with all-wheel drive. I found one that seems to have been endorsed by Mother Nature herself. ----- The 2019 Honda Pilot is an award-winning, max-towing, 6-cylinder beast. And I say that with love. I drove the Elite version for a couple days, and this thing was decked out with custom rims, wireless phone charging, ports galore and a bunch of other stuff to make traveling life a little easier. Not only did it have a flip-down screen and built-in BluRay player, but also a quick way to communicate with the people watching that screen. Let’s talk winter driving for a second. Utah has a variety of landscapes and driving conditions at any given time. And the Pilot can seamlessly adapt to all of them. Snow in Park City, mud in Moab, or sand in St. George—this thing rocks all roads. One of the great things about these new Hondas is that I never have to take the keys out of my pocket. With the HondaLink app, I can set the car to lock or unlock when I get near or leave the car. This is great for the grandpa who can’t remember where he put his glasses. And the back seats? Pretty flippin’ easy to operate. The Honda Pilot gets about 19mpg in the city, 27 on the highway. This is better mileage than I get in the smaller SUV I own. DOH—what was I thinking? To test drive or purchase a Pilot, head on down to any of these locations at your local Utah Honda Dealers. I’ll save you a spot in line.