IM BAAAAACK!!!! and i took a trip

<p>I am back, after a very much needed hiatus. If you follow me on any of my social medias you know that i lost my mom the day before mothers day. Its been extremely hard and i will always have this piece of me missing. Yall know she supported me in everything i do, she is in a few of my videos and i would constantly show her on my stories. Now she supports me from above,i love my mother with all my heart and will continue to go after all of my goals cuz i know she would want me to. I also wanna give a big thank you to those of you who stick around during my random hiatuses. My life(and mental health) is very unpredictable and it means so much that it doesnt get held against me. I love creating these videos and put a lot of my passion into it.</p> <p>I hope you all enjoyed my tripping balls. this was the first time i have ever taken this much. It was a lot of fun and definitely something im gonna do again but in a different setting. I have tons more content coming for you guys, including a BRAND NEW series coming very soon. Im definitely back and working harder than ever.</p> <p>Peace and love-Kat</p> <p><br /> Check out my youtube channel here<br /></p> <p>Other social medias<br /> Instagram-<br /> Snapchat- Monkeykat94<br /> Tiktok- Lesbihigh94<br /> Twitter-Crzy4monkeys<br /> Facebook-Kathrine Rose</p> <p>(IM A LOT MORE ACTIVE ON SNAPCHAT AND FACEBOOK IF YOU WANT TO INTERACT WITH ME)</p> <p>Gpen connect<br /></p> <p>Mooselabs<br /></p>