Learn To Jerk - Step 5 - Jerk From Rack

LEARN TO JERK STEP 5:JERK FROM RACK. Learn the Clean and Jerk lift from U.S. Olympic & Team USA coach, Harvey Newton.Finally, the lifter is ready to practice the jerk, a culmination of all the pushing movements previously practiced. It is desirable to eventually develop a jerk from the rack that exceeds a lifter's best C&J. In this way, after a difficult clean the lifter remains confident of success in the jerk. The lifter starts as before, taking a light weight from a squat rack with the bar resting on the shoulders and clavicles, arms relaxed. Take a step or two backward from the rack, then inhale and hold the breath, dip into a partial squat position (about 10% of the lifter's height) and immediately reverse direction to drive the barbell upward, off the shoulders. So far this is identical to the push press and the power jerk. After driving the barbell off the shoulders the lifter quickly splits into the familiar receiving position and pushes under the rising barbell, catching the weights solidly at arms' length. Once steady the lifter recovers as in the footwork drill exercise. He/she then inhales and slowly lowers the bar to the original position on the shoulders and clavicles, absorbing the descending weights with a slight flexion of the knees. Stand straight and repeat for the desired number of repetitions. After the final rep return the barbell to the rack or the platform.