Woman Who Had Deadly Illness Surprises Best Friend

A woman whose friend traveled thousands of miles to help her through a debilitating illness decided to return the favor once COVID restrictions had been lifted, jetting to see her after months apart to surprise her for her 30th birthday. As Aimee opened the door of her home to discover her best friend, Charlotte Maddock, 30, she immediately put her hands to her mouth and sobbed with emotion. The pair have been best friends for years, with there being numerous examples of how deep their bond runs. In 2021, Charlotte's endometriosis started playing up, and when surgery didn't fix it, she was in and out of the hospital, taking "so much" medication and not being able to walk or eat because of the pain. Aimee worried Charlotte might not pull through, as her friend continued to lose weight and doctors could not work out her diagnosis. During this time, Aimee did not think twice about flying from her Auckland, New Zealand home – the country where they grew up – to pay a visit to her best friend in Perth, Australia. The visit really boosted Charlotte's spirits, and after she got better, she and her husband, James, decided to return the favor and surprise Aimee on her 30th birthday back in New Zealand.