Bride Surprises 100-Year-Old Great Grandma Who Couldn't Attend Wedding

A 100-year-old great grandmother who couldn't attend her great granddaughter’s wedding due to ill health was surprised by the bride in her wedding dress at her care home. Due to her condition, Urbana Lambert, from Windham, Connecticut, couldn’t attend great granddaughter Emily's big day on June 3, leaving Emily a little empty and wanting to share the huge life moment with her. A few weeks later, Urbana's family were given the news she was fighting pneumonia, so Emily grabbed her wedding dress and headed to her great grandmother's care home along with her parents. On June 27, with her great grandma seated in her room, Emily, 31, then entered wearing her dress, which immediately brought a smile to Urbana's face. The gesture brightened up Urbana's roommate's day, too, Emily said, and she later shared a video of the surprise on social media with viewers commenting how lovely the moment was for Urbana, who has since turned 101.