Dad Stops Someone "Stealing" His Truck, Discovers Son He's Not Seen In 10 Years

A man who thought his truck was being stolen nearly fell down in shock when it was his son returning to surprise him after 15 years. Tony "Tone" Yates Jr. planned the surprise for his dad, Tony "Ace" Yates, after more than a decade and a half apart. The younger Yates left California when he was 15 years old, moving to Memphis to live with his grandma before settling in Miami, Florida. Meanwhile, dad Tony remained in California, where he lived near his daughter, MoNeka, who was in on the surprise. According to MoNeka, Ace and Tone had only seen each other once in nearly two decades – for Ace's wedding – but they remained close and would FaceTime most days. When Tone finally planned a visit to California, he snuck into the front seat of his father's truck. MoNeka encouraged her dad to turn around because someone was "stealing" his truck, but when he ran to the driver's seat, he noticed a familiar face staring back at him.