Coworker's Post-It Notes Lead to Romantic Proposal | Happily TV

A woman who passed Post-it notes to her boyfriend in the office during their growing romance was left bawling tears of joy when he used them to propose to her years later. Christy Smith, 36, from Sugar Land, Texas, met her partner Joel, 43, while they worked together in a substance abuse treatment center. With Joel being Christy's senior in management terms, the couple were initially skeptical about dating. Joel had received the necessary approval from his higher-ups, but he and Christy still wanted to keep their relationship on the down-low. During those early weeks and months, the couple would pass each other in the corridor, where they would hand one another wholesome notes that they had written on Post-its. Each time, they'd politely say, "You dropped this," and over about a year, they amassed hundreds of notes each, keeping every single one. Knowing how special the notes had been in the growth of their relationship, Joel wanted to include them when it was time to ask the big question. He contacted three of Christy's closest friends, who he asked to take her on a shopping day before insisting they head for a Starbucks coffee, as that is where he and Christy first dated. With Christy sat at the very Starbucks where they first shared a coffee, friends and family walked by, each handing her one of the Post-it notes that the couple had shared with each other. After a few had been handed to her, Christy suddenly realized what was about to happen and started to cry uncontrollably. Her friend captured the moment on video, with Joel then appearing and asking the big question, to which Christy sobbed ‘Yes’.