Man Tracks Down And Reunites With Father After 25 Years

An emotional son wept on his biological father's shoulder as he finally got to hold the man, he had been searching a quarter of a century for. Kyle Rashede King, 29, finally reunited with his dad Roberto Antonio Castillo, 57, after his wife Stacy chanced upon his profile on social media. Kyle had not seen his father since he was around four or five. And his wife Stacy says Kyle struggled throughout his formative years without a father figure in his life. Roberto initially had contact with Kyle in his early years – interactions Kyle could not remember – but when his mother moved from their home in Liberty City, Miami, to the Bahamas, Kyle lost all contact. By late 2019, Kyle said he had given up hope of ever finding his father, having been left angry at the thought of the man who he believed had abandoned him. The only memento Kyle had of Roberto was a photo of him when he was a similar age to Kyle now. One evening, as Kyle played Call of Duty at his home in the Bahamas, Stacy sat in the corner of the room, scrolling through Facebook. She said to her husband, "Hey, baby, what if I found your dad?" Kyle, believing his wife's comments to be a joke, thought Stacy was referring to the man who had raised him – but she was actually referring to his biological father. Then, after a few seconds of realization, Kyle grabbed Stacy's cellphone and gave a simple, unemotional, "Yeah, that's him," in complete shock. Stacy asked if Kyle was sure, and he responded: "Look at him – we're twins!"