Dad Who Is Blind Learns Father-Daughter Dance And Records Song To Surprise Bride

A dad who is legally blind gave his daughter the ultimate surprise on her wedding day, by recording his own version of their father-daughter dance song which played as they moved around the dancefloor. Aimee McCabe, 32, fought back tears of shock at her father Alexander Miller's wholesome gesture. When the time came for the tradition dance, Alexander, 62, from West Lothian, Scotland, asked Aimee if she'd like to come up to dance to the song they selected prior to her big day. But as the track started to play, Aimee noticed that the first line of the song, "I Loved Her First," by Heartland, was in fact her father singing. The gesture made Aimee very emotional, with Alexander then singing the song to his daughter as it also played over the speakers to the rest of the room.