Bride Surprises Groom With Dog In Tux After Family Couldn't Attend Wedding

A groom burst into tears of joy at the altar when his wife surprised him with his beloved dog in a tuxedo who came down the aisle to greet him after some family members couldn’t make it. Shane Witkowski, 42, from Tampa, Florida, is inseparable from their dog Tucker, wife Lindsey, 35, said. Tucker was the one who initially helped bond the couple, as when Lindsey adopted him in 2017, she and Shane were just friends. Lindsey sent Shane a picture of Tucker and said that he was the pooch’s dad – and when the couple then became official, Shane trained Tucker, who follows him everywhere. Due to this closeness, Lindsey knew she had to incorporate Tucker into their big day, which took place on April 28, in Tampa. In the buildup to the wedding, Shane got news his mom suffered an injury and some of his family, who live in Buffalo, New York, couldn’t attend the wedding – so Lindsey knew Tucker being there would boost Shane’s spirits. She reached out to Furry Ventures Pet Care, a company specializing in incorporating dogs into weddings.