Father Reunites With Daughter Who Saved His Life By Donating Liver

The emotional moment a daughter reunited with her father whose life she had just saved by donating part of her liver has been captured on film. Tiffany Knapp and her father Richard Burdge can’t hold back the tears as she is wheeled into his recovery room and they reach out to hold hands. Richard was diagnosed with liver cancer aged 62 and had been fighting an uphill battle against the illness when doctors revealed he would need a transplant if he was to have any chance of surviving. But despite completing a long list of tests to qualify him for the deceased donation list, statistics were heavily weighted against him – more than 16,000 people are in need of a liver transplant each year with only 6,000 deceased donor organs becoming available. It left the family with no alternative but to try and find a living donor. After an extensive search and all family members doing tests, it was revealed daughter Tiffany matched. And despite having three young children, she decided to undergo the surgery at NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York in a desperate bid to help save her father. Tiffany had 65% of her liver removed and transplanted to her father, whose entire liver was removed and replaced. After successful surgeries for them both, the pair were left to recover from the arduous procedures for a few days. And once both were deemed to have made full enough recoveries, Tiffany was wheeled in a wheelchair to see her father for the first time. As the pair catch sight of each other, they both burst into floods of tears. Grabbing his daughters’ hand at his bedside, Richard thanked Tiffany and they began discussing their operations and the various post-operation medication they were on. But before long the pair were smiling, with dad Richard even joking that Tiffany had jumped to the top of his will thanks to her kind generosity.