Daughter Surprises Mom With Never Ending String Of Money

A daughter managed to pay her mom back and then some at this birthday surprise - as the shocked parent opened her card to discover it was attached to a never-ending money chain. Sabrina Lang was once raising daughter Shalanda Thurmond and her two brothers with no more than $20 to her name, and it was at this point a determined Shalanda made a pact that one day she would pay her mother back for all her hard work. At the time - when Shalanda was around 14 - the siblings were only allowed one toy and felt sad as other kids rode bikes, wore the latest fashionable clothes, and would hears news of Shalanda’s family going hungry and being given food from the likes of the local church. To make matters worse, Sabrina’s food stamps were cut off, Shalanda, 30, said, and with her shifts at a supermarket reduced, the family faced a number of years with little to no money. Fast forward to 2019, though, and Shalanda, from West Palm Beach, Florida, felt like she was finally in a position to pay back her mother for all the hard work she had put in raising her children - just like a 14-year-old Shalanda wanted. For more than a year, Shalanda saved up a grand total of more than $3000, forming a chain of money using string and placing that chain inside a box.