Military Man Away During Birth Of Daughter Surprised By Family

A military dad who missed his daughter's birth while on assignment cried floods of happy tears as his wife, kids, and newborn traveled across the country to surprise him on base. In a complete role reversal of the usual viral military reunions, where military personnel surprises their families, Molly Witcher and her children traveled to surprise husband and father, Brennon, an Airman First Class in the United States Air Force. Back in January 2020, Brennon, was sent away on assignment, with Molly due to give birth on February 14. Due to the sensitivity of his overseas assignment, Brennon, 30, could only send letters to his family, meaning he did not find out about his daughter's birth until days after it had happened. Over the months that followed, Molly said she began to suffer from depression, raising a newborn alone, along with her other children, Bradley, now 11, and Amayah, now 6. So Molly decided to travel to surprise Brennon. The gesture immediately brought Molly and her husband to tears, which Nicki captured on video. After the surprise, Molly and the family were able to spend five days in Mississippi, where Brennon was given two hours of leave every day to see them.