Husband Surprised With Dream Puppy At Work Holds Back Tears At Desk

A man who couldn't look at another boxer dog without crying after his previous pooch's sudden passing was brought to tears of joy at his desk when his wife surprised him with his dream puppy at work. Four years earlier, Chad Hamill, 38, from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, had been driving home when his beloved female boxer, Jada, started to get "car sick." In a shock twist, Chad and his wife Rachelle, 30, later discovered that Jada had a blood clot on her lung, and the couple were forced to make the difficult decision to have her put her down that day. Chad was devastated: Jada had been his "heart dog" for 11 years and he had raised her from a puppy. For a long time after Jada’s passing, Rachelle said Chad couldn’t look at another boxer without crying. But having seen her husband move into an emotional condition to have a boxer in his life again, Rachelle started secretly searching, coming across a puppy named Louie. On October 18, having given Chad's boss a heads-up, Rachelle quietly entered her husband's place of work – a car dealership in Greensburg, Pennsylvania – where she approached unsuspecting Chad. As soon as he saw his wife holding the puppy, he immediately started to cry joyous tears at his desk.