Daughter Has Sweet First Dance With Dad After Prom Canceled

A loving father stepped up after his distraught daughter’s prom was canceled due to COVID-19 and hosted a first dance at their home - prom dress and all. Mom Valerie Hinrichs, 41, was brought to tears when she saw husband, Bryan, 44, having the first dance with daughter Marah, 17, in their kitchen, in Aurora, Nebraska. Marah is the oldest of the Hinrichs family’s children, and for weeks she had been looking forward to being the first member of her family to head to prom. But with the COVID-19 outbreak gripping America, Aurora High School’s April 4 prom, like so many others, had to be cancelled. While social distancing, Marah was feeling a little down - but on the night of the prom itself, she still decided to wear her prom dress and film a twirl for her friend’s TikTok channel. A few moments later, however, Bryan decided to go one better - and, with Franklin James’ “Darlin You Look Perfect Tonight” playing, he and his daughter shared a cute first dance.