Mum of three is kept busy during COVID-19 lockdown

This footage is from our personal nanny cams, Tarryn Leigh Pather, 35 years old, Fitness Coach. I am from Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa, I filmed this video 2 weeks ago (end March 2020). At my home in Johannesburg. I decided to film this moment because my husband and I were feeling so exhausted after having all 3 kids at home with us 24/7. We looked at each other and said, “What were we thinking?”…and then had a good laugh. We decided to make light of it and capture some of the chaos we were experiencing during the LOCKDOWN in South Africa. My 3 toddlers (4 year old twin girls and my 3 year old son – exactly 12 months younger) had all just bathed. I got them into one bedroom to dress them , blow dry hair etc…evening routine before dinner and bed. My husband was downstairs preparing dinner while I was upstairs trying to get them all ready. Given the lockdown, they were FULL of energy, making our daily routine a little harder than usual!