Graduate Receives Painting Of Her With Late Brother

A teen was brought to tears on her high school graduation when she was surprised with a portrait of herself with her late brother who passed away two years earlier. Amariah McCoy’s brother, Elijah, lost his life in July 2019, and during that time her mom Aisha Milliner, 44, was not there to comfort her, as she was in hospital having a dual organ transplant. By the time of Amariah's graduation, though, she had her mother back by her side, and so Aisha wanted to do something special for her daughter. Knowing that Amariah, 18, saw her big brother as her protector, Aisha, from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, decided to create a memory so he would be by her side for the big milestone. Aisha contacted Paint Your Life, a company specializing in personalized portraits, and asked them to create a work featuring both Elijah and Amariah, in her graduation gown. On June 11, wearing that very same gown, Amariah opened the gift, which moved her to tears as soon as she flipped it over to look at the faces staring back at her.