Couple With Special Needs Reunite After Two Years Apart

A couple with special needs emotionally reunited for the first time in two years after one was forced to move across country. The pair ran into one another’s arms as the met face-to-face in the arrival’s lounge of Gerald R Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Cody Hytinen and Lisa Baker's love story reads like Romeo and Juliet, as they initially met on the day Cody, 30, moved into a housing community for people with special needs, in Lakeland, Florida, in September 2016. It was love at first sight, the couple said, and over the years, Lisa and Cody shared a love of Disney, singing, dancing, poetry and walks. Eventually, Cody, who has Downs syndrome, started affirming to staff that he and Lisa would get married one day. But soon Cody and his family were forced to move cross-country, tearing Lisa and Cody apart for two years. Until the two families devised a plan for Cody to see Lisa to reunite once more.