Groom Rises From Wheelchair To Dance With Bride

A wheelchair-bound groom gave his wife a beautiful surprise on their wedding day, by undergoing months of physical therapy so he could rise from his chair for their first dance. In the sweet footage, Manasseh Carthron, 38, is seen rising from his chair and resting on the shoulder of his wife Kolbyann's shoulder, prompting emotional reactions from guests. Manasseh suffers from an ultra-rare brain condition called Arnold Chiari Malformation (ACM), which causes him substantial balance and mobility issues. Despite debilitating pain at times, Manasseh has kept fighting. Ahead of the first dance, Manasseh said he was extremely nervous, as he was afraid of slipping in front of friends and family. Fortunately, the dance went perfectly, and a close friend of Manasseh was able to capture the moment on video.