Kindergarten Pupil Delivers Flowers Instead Of Homework To Teacher

A charming pupil found a way of getting into his kindergarten teacher’s good books - by dropping off a bunch of flowers to her home during lockdown. Legend, aged four, was meant to deliver his homework at teacher Gladys Stuart’s home in Decatur, Illinois, but the youngster had other plans. Having been told by Ms. Stuart he looked cute in his smart vest and tie, Legend told his mom, Tresne McCarty, 28, that he wanted to surprise his beloved teacher with a gift. Legend selected a bunch of roses, and, on April 23, headed to his teacher’s house. There, Tresne took footage as the youngster headed up to the front door and handed a delighted Ms. Stuart the bouquet. A shy Legend didn’t say much about the moment, Tresne said - he just wants to be the best pupil he possibly can and show appreciation to the teacher he misses.