Review: Dry Herb Atomizer For The Focus V Carta

<p>Hello everyone! I know it&rsquo;s been a while since you&rsquo;ve seen a video from me. I&rsquo;ve been working on some legitimately exciting stuff, some of which I will be sharing or teasing in the near future. Then the corona apocalypse happened and well, yeah. So for those of you stuck at home, check out my new video where I use the dry herb atomizer for the Focus V Carta. If you&rsquo;re looking for a dry herb vape experience similar to a bong, this may be the closest you get. Come join me and let&rsquo;s get medicated! </p> <p>Check out the &ldquo;Key Stoned State Group&rdquo; on Facebook and check out Key Stoned State Reviews on social media. Don&rsquo;t forget to like, follow and subscribe for updates on #cannabisculture, reviews and entertainment in the legal PA market!!<br /> ====================================<br /><br /> ====================================<br /> Twitter: @key_state<br /> ====================================<br /> Instagram: @key_stoned_state_reviews<br /> ===========================================<br /> Facebook:</p>