Emotional Military Reunion At Daughters Final Season Softball Game

A military dad who missed his two adopted daughters’ maiden softball season returned from deployment to see their end of season game – and surprise them at the home plate. Jake Bunger had been sent to Afghanistan late last year and was set to miss the entirety of the Lady Rascals of Locust Grove 6u softball season, which his daughters Taya and Liberty play for. But after hearing the news, coach Matt Still decided to try and get the final season game pushed back by one week – allowing devoted dad Jake to see his girl’s in action. With the other coach obliging, Matt took the girls – who were allowed to wear whatever they wished for the final game instead of their uniforms – to the outfield with their backs to the home plate. Jake, who had been hiding in the bleachers, quickly got into position shaking hands of fellow parents as he went. And as coach Matt Still pointed behind the line of girls and says ‘who is that back there at home plate?’ the girls turn around an spot their father. They instantly cry out ‘Daddy’ and charge down the field towards the stands where parents have lined up to create a tunnel to their dad. As they embrace, the crowd bursts into a round of applause.