Boy Smiles With Joy When He Finally Gets To Meet Newborn Brother Coming Off Oscillator | Happily TV

A two-year-old boy could not stop smiling from ear to ear when he could finally head to the NICU to meet his newborn baby brother, who had been given just a 10 percent chance of survival. Mom Shannon Kempton, 33, from New Jersey, was going through a normal pregnancy, only for a routine growth scan to then discover fluid in her unborn child's lungs. The baby was diagnosed with nonimmune hydrops fetalis (NHF) – a condition that gives babies only a 20 percent chance of surviving until birth, with only a further half of those babies surviving the neonatal period. Her son, Cameron, was then born via c-section on January 21, with the youngster having only 33 percent lung capacity. Straight after Cameron’s birth, doctors took many hours to intubate Cameron and have chest tubes put in place immediately. Eight days after Cameron's birth, Shannon and her husband Steve, 38, took Donovan to visit his brother, as that day marked the first he had been off his oscillator. Donovan was carried into the NICU at the Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his dad showed him Cameron while holding him above his brother's bed. As soon as Donovan laid eyes on his brother, his face immediately lit up while, behind the camera, Shannon tried to fight back tears of joy.