Angry Hippo Attacks Wildlife Photographers On Safari

A pair of American wildlife photographers had a terrifying one-in-a-lifetime encounter when an angry angry hippo charged their vehicle biting a giant hole in it just feet away from them. Bill and Linda Klipp, from Key West, Florida, have always said that if things go south while photographing in the field, their number one rule is to "just keep shooting" – and that's exactly what they did. But the couple never expected such a wild encounter with a 7000-10,000lb beast, as the hippo charged from a watering hole, ramming their vehicle and digging its teeth into the side multiple times. Linda, 66, captured incredible footage of the heart-racing moment, which took place in Botswana's Okavango Delta, on September 16, while Bill, 67, managed to fire off 49 frames of stunning images. The couple initially pulled up to the watering hole, where they came across the lone hippo doing what hippos do – lounging around, snorkeling – and so they decided to stop to take a few pics. They speculated the hippo might have been kicked out of a nearby pod for bad behavior – and soon Bill and Linda discovered their musing may well have been right.