Fill The Pot

"Fill The Pot Ministry" is a powerful and inspiring film that shows the impact that one organization can have on the lives of many. Fill The Pot ministry was started 15 years ago by Reverend Jay Ragsdale and his wife Toni. This documentary follows the compassionate work being done there. Jay and Toni’s mission is to help feed and support the homeless and less fortunate. Rev. Ragsdale experienced homelessness in his own family and decided to take the heartache from that experience and transform it into hope. And now, every Sunday hundreds of people line up to get a delicious, hot meal prepared by dedicated volunteers. What began as just two people reaching out to help where they could, has evolved into much more than just a Sunday meal, it is now an outreach effort that helps thousands. It is an inter-faith community that comes together in compassion and empathy. The film examines the impact this ministry has on both those who serve, and those who are served. It provides a firsthand look at the daily operations of the ministry, including the challenges and triumphs that come with running a grassroots organization. Throughout the film, viewers will see how Fill the Pot ministry is able to provide practical support, such as food and clothing, as well as emotional support through listening and showing empathy. The documentary also highlights the importance of community and the power of individuals coming together to make a difference in the lives of others.