Weed vs Everyone, Dating at 40 and a Sales Pitch!

<p>This sesh I&#39;m still smoking the Bruce Banner. Pretty sure the THC is 19-22%. That&#39;s based on my smoking experience, nothing else.</p> <p>I may or may not have said this stuff isn&#39;t that overwhelming, but my ability to keep a line of thought going was severely tested and I&#39;m not so sure I passed. </p> <p>Dating advice from a 40 yr old dude is always fun. Today you get my perspective on dating at 40. The ridiculousness that is trying to find a date on an app and what guys are thinking while they browse a profile then get ready to meet.</p> <p>Then I get a little confused about the point I was trying to make and lose focus for a second or two, but we moved through it, as we realized that whether good or bad, this too shall pass.</p> <p>Do you wonder if weed could prevent covid? You&#39;re in luck because that&#39;s the weed facts topic for today! Follow up on the medical aspect of life. The &quot;Dude for real!&quot; facts have some real live savers in there too.</p> <p>Hope you enjoy the sesh and thank you for starting your Friday with Thoughts Off The Stem!</p> <p>The result of a bong hit and a sense of humor. We smoke weed, ponder life and tell some ridiculous stories. We&#39;re creating a vibe in the community. So join the sesh with your friendly neighborhood pothead and SUBSCRIBE to Thoughts Off The Stem podcast. </p> <p>While you&#39;re between PUFFS hit the LIKE button, then PASS this on to someone who needs a Sesh Buddy! </p> <p>Now you can visit <a href="https://tots420.com/">Tots420.com</a> to parooze the Tots420 Shop, find more content, discover new platforms, donate to the show if you feel like supporting our growth and shop our affiliate links for Amazing dab rigs, bongs, pipes and glass smoking accessories. </p> <p>So visit <a href="https://tots420.com/">Tots420.com</a> </p> <p>Are you looking for New, Innovative ways to Promote and Advertise your products and services? Thoughts Off The Stem is now offering Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities. </p> <p>Built on steady organic growth, loyalty and personal connection, this is the perfect platform to show case your business, products and services. Our goal is to cultivate a vibe that appeals to the masses. </p> <p>For any and all inquiries contact us at <a href="mailto:thoughtsoffthestempodcast@gmail.com">thoughtsoffthestempodcast@gmail.com</a> </p> <p>Thank you for your support! </p> <p>#Dating #comedy #cannabis #comedypodcast #indiepodcast #fictionpodcast #tots420 #thoughtsoffthestem #podcast</p>