Teen With Special Needs Scores Basket On Senior Night | Happily TV

A teen with cerebral palsy who had been his school basketball team’s manager since first grade finally got called onto the court on senior night, successfully shooting a basket and drawing a massive roar from the crowd. Andrew Lovgren, 18, first learned to walk in first grade, at which point his coach decided to make him the team's honorary manager. For 12 years, Andrew, who attended school in Highland, New York, was determined to have the same opportunities as other children his age, and his coach, Coach Millman, decided to make sure that would happen. Andrew – who had never missed a practice or a game on the sidelines – was proud to be part of the boys’ varsity basketball team. But then, on February 20, ahead of Highland High School's senior night, his coach gave him the heads-up that he would be given a chance to shine. When the 18-year-old was brought into the game, his Coach Millman, teammates, and the opposition encouraged him to take a shot. Despite the pressure, Andrew didn't let the cheering crowd down, scoring his shot, which led to rapturous celebrations. Jesse Smith, a former teacher of Andrew’s, shot a video of the moment and said Coach Millman had prepared him for the shot.