Woman Cries When She's Surprised With Build-A-Bear Containing Voice Of Dad Who Died A Month Prior

This is the tear-jerking moment a woman was surprised on her birthday with a cuddly toy bear containing a message to remind her of her late father. Dulce Ravelo's dad, Clemente, 49, had passed away unexpectedly just a month before her birthday, and so her family wanted to get Dulce, 25, something to remember him by. When the Ravelo family gathered at Dulce's birthday dinner in San Antonio, Texas, she was presented with a box, which she immediately realized would be a teddy bear. The bear was wearing a similar hat Clemente used to wear, which caused Dulce to start crying at the memory of her father. Then, having pressed the bear's paw, Dulce heard a song from Barney, The Purple Dinosaur, which her father used to sing to her when she was little. The gesture brought Dulce to floods of tears, which then made members of her family well up, too. She plans to share it with family members so they will also have a reminder of her father's voice.