Mom Collapses In Shock Seeing Son After Two Years

A beloved mom collapses to her knees in shock as she enters her home to discover her son who she hasn’t seen in two years because COVID restrictions kicked in after their family moved. As Haydee Buking, 49, knelt on the floor sobbing in her Melbourne, Australia, home, her son, Climson Jr., 23, headed over for a long-awaited embrace. Climson Jr., known simply as ‘Junior’, and his siblings were born in the Philippines but moved to Auckland, New Zealand, during their formative years. In 2019, however, with the kids now grown up, Haydee and her husband, Climson, decided it was time to complete their lifelong dream of moving to Australia. They moved that Christmas, expecting their kids to visit soon after – but little did they know the pandemic was about to engulf the globe, shutting borders. It was the first time since their initial move in 2007 that the family had been apart for a long period of time, and with New Zealand and Australia having some of the strictest COVID restrictions in the world, the family were left constantly checking border rules. Months turned to years, but Junior eventually saw an opportunity after finishing his graduate studies and the rules allowed him to visit Australia and return to Auckland a few months later. He contacted his sister, Krystelle, 20, who was in Australia, and said that he wanted to set up a surprise two years after he and his parents had first become separated.