Girl Hears Military Dads Voice Approaching After 7 Months

An adorable toddler perplexed by a familiar voice from outside excitedly leaps into her military dad’s arms as he arrives home after seven months apart. Derick Nazario, 25, a Private Second Class in the U.S. Army, left home in March 2020 for basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, before being moved to Colorado months later. While Derick was away from their Florida home, his daughter Skye, aged three, missed him a lot and cried for him at night, revealed her mom Naiomy Cores, 24. When Naiomy knew Derick was due home, she travelled to her mom’s home in Frisco, Texas, as it was equidistant between Florida and Colorado and the perfect place to surprise Skye. On October 16, 2020, she greeted Derick at the airport before taking him to her parents’ house, where she headed into the kitchen to find Skye. Naiomy waited as Derick called out “My Beautiful Skye” - a name only he has ever called her. As expected, Skye looked a little confused, hoping to be able to see where the recognizable voice was coming from as her mom recorded the moment. Then, as Derick entered the room, Skye yelled out, ‘Papa!’, darting to lovingly embrace her father once more.