Kids Celebrate Every Day When Dad Comes Home

A dad and his two young children have gone viral thanks to the sheer excitement the youngsters show when their father returns home from work every day. As Sunny Kandola, 38, heads to front door, Ariya, five, and her brother, Arman, three, celebrate the moment more like sports championship, jumping up and down, arms in the air screaming. In a recent viral video, once Sunny had approached the door, he started screaming with pure joy, too – causing his two kids' excitement grow even more so as they all cheered together. The wholesome footage was shot by Sunny's wife, Mandi, 36, at their home in Toronto, Canada, in November. According to Mandi, Ariya and Arman's excitement at their dad coming home is a regular occurrence, which has now become somewhat of a tradition in their house. The gestures started when Ariya was a baby, and after Arman's birth, he joined in, too. Initially it was crawls to the doorway to greet daddy, but now, with Ariya and Arman both walking, those greetings have become scenes of unbridled joy that involve jumps and hollers. According to Mandi, Sunny started working from home in March 2020, but he still has to go to the office once a week. It is that time she gets her camera out and records Ariya and Arman's excited reactions. Back in November, Mandi shared one such video on her social media page, Keeping Up With The Kandolas, and it soon went viral.