Teen In Wheelchair Excitedly Water Skis For First Time

A teen with special needs who was born legally blind was given a dream day out when his feet were able to touch water for the first time and he experienced the sensation of water skiing. Jordon Granberry, 19, reacted with pure joy as staff at the specially-arranged event for adaptive aquatics pulled him across the water on a pair of skis. On the sidelines, Jordon's mom, Donna, 42, could not stop laughing and crying happy tears, as she beamed with pride at what her son was able to accomplish. Jordan was born lacking oxygen, which caused low muscle tone and brain injuries, and also had clubfeet, was diagnosed as legally blind and suffered from seizures. During the first 10 years of his life, Jordon was hospitalized 15 times and these hospitalizations also required the youngster to have stomach surgery and be fitted with a feeding tube. But Donna said after he turned 18 and graduated high school, Jordon, from Tyler, Texas, began to feel more confident and independent in his activities. The family recently became aware of a June 26 event at Lake Palestine in northeast Texas, which was being organized by a non-profit called Texas Adaptive Aquatics.