Apartment Dog Surprised With New Home With Backyard | Happily TV

A dog who had spent his life growing up in an apartment could not hide his delight when he was surprised with his parent's new home, breaking into zoomies in his first-ever backyard. Dog parents Erin and Joe moved from New York to their native Texas in 2021, settling for a small apartment in Austin. There, they worked 10—to 15-hour shifts five to six days a week. The couple saved in the hope of moving to a bigger apartment, and having found a larger space in 2022, they adopted a puppy, Reese, a miniature Australian shepherd, in December of that year. The couple admitted that having such an active breed of dog in a city apartment was tough. The large number of apartment stairs made potty training difficult and they did not have a yard to run Reese in. Despite these hurdles, the couple made the situation work by taking Reese for long walks every morning and bringing him to a dog park near their apartment. When they finally purchased their first home, Erin and Joe knew that a backyard for Reese was one of their top priorities. Having purchased a house in Jarrell, Texas, in February, the couple could not wait to show Reese his new home when they moved all their belongings on March 3. With their cameras rolling, Erin and Joe recorded an excitable Reese bouncing outside the front door before making his way through the house, struggling to contain himself.