First-Look Wedding Photoshoot Turns Out To Be Adoption Request

An emotional groom who opted to do a wedding day first-look shoot with his stepdaughter was brought to happy tears when he turned around and she asked him to adopt her. Adam Hansen, 30, has always been a father figure to six-year-old McKinley, and so on his wedding day, the youngster decided to make Adam her legal dad as he took her mom's hand in marriage. According to Adam's wife, Brianna Hansen, 27, her husband had no idea the surprise was coming. The couple had planned to carry out two first-look shoots – first with Brianna and then with McKinley – and after Adam had turned around and explained how beautiful he thought McKinley looked, the youngster headed off to grab a gift bag. Inside was a petition for adoption, which Adam read through and began to cry as he realized the significance of the paperwork. Fortunately for the family, their videographers HoneyBee Memory had kept the cameras rolling, allowing them to captured Adam's happy tears on October 29.