Farmstead/Verte West Canuck Cookies - Legal Cannabis Review

<p>It&#39;s time for another #weedreviewwednesday ! Today I&#39;m tearing into some more craft cannabis purchased from Shelter market! Today&#39;s strain is Canuck cookies from Farmstead/verte west! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent, adults-only channel reviewing cannabis and cannabis related products available on Canada&#39;s legal recreational and medical markets for educational and entertainment purposes. By viewing my videos or subscribing to my channel, you confirm that you are of legal age to purchase Cannabis in your location. I use primarily dry herb vaporizers in my videos because it is my preferred method of cannabis consumption. I am not affiliated with any of the products or companies mentioned. I am not a health practitioner or expert. I am (as of November 2020) a registered Canadian medical cannabis patient and long-time recreational cannabis enthusiast. Any recommendations in my videos are based on my personal taste and experience and should not be taken as medical advice.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p> <p>** All music on my channel is produced performed and recorded by me!**</p> <p>*** <a href="">Follow on IG!!! </a> ***</p> <p>*** <a href="">Support the Channel!!! </a> ***</p>