Dog Groomer Surprised With Puppy Of Her Own After Her Dog Passed Away

A professional dog groomer let out a loud yell and burst into happy tears when she discovered an adorable puppy she was grooming was actually a gift to her. In February, Vikki Sapp, 51, lost her previous dog, Diego, who escaped from her yard and was hit by a car, leading Vikki to mourn his loss for months. But a few months back, Vikki’s co-worker Heather Hodges, 26, at their dog salon in Waco, Texas, decided she wanted to bring some canine joy back into Vikki’s life. Heather had known for around four years that Vikki liked Maltese dogs, Shih Tzus and Yorkies, and on May 19 received a call from a friend to ask if anyone was looking to adopt a dog. Heather, thinking of her friend, decided to give the beautiful puppy to Vikki, and the following morning, Heather's friend dropped the pooch off at the salon. Vikki was told the owner had said to give the dog whatever fur trim she felt would make it look pretty, and for hours Vikki talked about how beautiful the dog looked and how she wanted to take her home. Then, once the trim was complete, Heather presented Vikki with a bag that she told her friend was a take-home bag of treats. Vikki questioned “But I don’t have a dog yet?” and then, when the realization hit her, let out a “NO WAY!” and began to sob at the kind gesture. Vikki has since named the dog Layla, and after Heather shared the video online, the pair received an outpouring of support.