Stepdad Cries As He's Handed Adult Adoption Papers After 26 Years | Happily TV

A stepdad who had no children of his own but gave everything to his stepchildren for more than 26 years couldn’t hold back his tears of joy when he was asked to become their legal father. David Lacy, 51, received the wholesome request on his 51st birthday, with his wife, TK, reading out a note from his stepchildren, Ashley, 34, Rusty, 30, and Courtney, 29. At the end of the note, there was a question: "Will you finally adopt us?" before David was handed the formal paperwork. Ashley, who shared the moment on social media, said David knew a relationship with their mom meant he’d never have children of his own, but it didn’t stop him from stepping up for his three stepkids. David was there through school dances, homework, graduations, teaching the kids how to drive, births of grandchildren, breakups, and even walking Ashley down the aisle on her wedding day. But without their biological father's permission when they were younger, the three siblings could not ask David to be their legal dad, Ashley said. Having been inspired as adults by watching adoption request videos online, though, the Cuthberts contacted their local courthouse and started working on getting the necessary paperwork in place.