Four Year Old Whose Birthday Was Canceled By Coronavirus Gets Surprise Parade

Friends, family and neighbors were not going to let the coronavirus pandemic spoil this four-year-old’s birthday, as they decided to surprise her with a parade in front of her house instead. As Ella Pucci stood on the drive of her Nutley, New Jersey, home 37 vehicles in total, each containing between two and four people, drove past. Those in the vehicles honked their horns, cheered from windows and held up signs wishing Ella a happy birthday. The wholesome moment was captured on video by Ella’s mother, Christine, 34, on March 21, 2020. Such a show of unity brought Christine to tears, as the entire parade stretched around three blocks back. Christine said she hopes the moment encourages others to “make the best out of any situation,” as Ella had become devastated when she discovered her birthday party at a bowling alley needed to be canceled. Due to social distancing advice, Ella was not allowed to see her friends, and the family’s April visit to Disney World was also canceled. With Ella not knowing what is truly going on in the world, her aunt, Casandra, decided to put together the surprise parade for her niece. Planned on the Friday, at around 10:55am on the Sunday, Christine received a text to say the parade was ready to go.