Dad Recreates Splash Mountain Ride In Living Room With Box And Water Spray

Despite Disneyland and Magic Kingdom being closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., this couple still found a way for their child to experience his favorite ride, Splash Mountain – right in their own home. Five-year-old James Barenz, from Farmington, Utah, loves Disney, but with the Barenz's currently in isolation, they had to get creative to experience the park’s most iconic ride. So, on Sunday, March 22, in their family home, Lara Barenz, 33, and her husband, Harv, 35, brought the ride to James – including the soaking that comes with it. With a POV version of the ride playing on the TV screen, Harv placed James in a box on his lap, mimicking the twists, turns and drops as the carriage moved along the virtual ride. As the carriage on screen fell into the waters below, Harv sprayed James with water to recreate the ‘soaking’ he would’ve received in real life, as the five-year-old's younger sister, Ella, 3, watched on.