Apache Pilot Surprises Family For Holidays With Early Homecoming

This is the moment an Apache Pilot surprises his whole family one-by-one after returning from Afghanistan five months early. Greg Preston was deployed for a year with the 1-130th ARB from Raleigh, NC, on April 19. But, after being given early leave, he flew back home to Fayetteville, NC, to surprise his wife and daughter. With a buddy helping film, Greg strolls up to the front door and announces himself as a pizza delivery guy. Confused, his wife Elisa opens the door and immediately leaps into her husband’s arms upon realising who it is. The father-of-one then creeps upstairs where he hides, before Elisa tee’s up his entry with their daughter Annabeth, saying ‘I have a surprise for you’, before Greg walks in. Little Annabeth immediately breaks out into a beaming smile upon sighting her dad. Later, the family make a trip north to Buffalo and Rochester, NY, to surprise their extended family, including Greg’s parents, his aunt Patty, and Elisa’s grandma.