Veteran Has Pure Reaction To Military Son Surprise Reunion

A Navy veteran dad has gone viral after his pure, tear-filled reaction to his military son returning home to surprise him after nine months apart. Some family members had never seen James Trowbridge, 57, cry before, which made the moment extra special, given that veteran James knew what his son had been through being away from home. In the wholesome video – seen hundreds of thousands of times – James 57, is seen sitting in an armchair at home in Brookhaven, New York. Then, out of the corner of his eye, James notices a familiar figure, as son Philip, 19, enters the room and heads over for a long-awaited hug. The shock immediate caused James to well up and begin crying on his son's shoulder – a moment that his wife, Jane, captured on video. James served as part of the United States Navy between 1983 and 1989, and was extremely proud when Philip followed in his military footsteps and enlisted with the United States Marines.