Determined mother in India has to carry disabled son 8km to school every day

A poor woman has been walking 8 kms carrying her disabled son to school on her shoulders every day in southern India. Jayalakshmi,39, is a poor widow, who works for daily wages. She cannot afford to hire a vehicle and the only way she can ensure her 13-year-old son, Rajesh, gets education is to carry him to the school. She leaves her home in Kadudara Halli village near Challakere taluk in Karnataka state. She walks through the farms taking a shortcut , covering a distance of four kms to her son’s school in Mirasabhi village. Then she returns to her village where she works has a wage labourer. After finishing her work, she rushes to the school again to carry her son back. Jayalakshmi also has two younger children to look after. Inspired by his gritty mother Rajesh wants to become a graduate and get a job in the government.