Apache Pilot Surprises Son At School

An Apache pilot mom listens as her son wishes for her to come home - before she steps out to surprise him after returning from Afghanistan. Chief Warrant Officer 3 Denise Sanders hadn't seen son Aiden since November, so couldn't wait to surprise him after returning from deployment. Aiden and the other kindergartners gathered in their school cafeteria at lunchtime, after the teachers set up an awards ceremony. One of the teachers at the school in Spring, Texas, invites Aiden up on stage to applause for his work before asking him what his one wish would be. He announces he wants his mom to come home, without having a clue she is actually hiding on-stage behind a curtain listening to his every wish. The sweet words make Officer Sanders emotional, but she doesn't have to wait much longer before the curtain is pulled back and the pair are reunited. Aiden freezes on the spot for a second completely stunned, before running into his mom's arms for a long hug.