Organ Donor's Mom Surprised By Recipient

A late organ donor's mom cried tears of joy when she was surprised at a family member’s home by the recipient of her son's "heart of gold" – which she then listened to once more through a stethoscope. Scott Woodruff, 47, travelled from Eufaula, Alabama, to surprise Brandy Hudson, 37, in Lebanon, Kentucky. A year earlier, in June 2020, Brandy's son, La'Bryant, 18, had been killed, and his family made the decision to donate his organs. Scott was a firefighter before he became sick, Brandy said, and after receiving La'Bryant's heart he was given a second chance at life, eventually deciding that he wanted to find out more about his donor. With the help of his wife, Lindsay, Scott was able to track down information about La'Bryant and Brandy, and, wanting to surprise the 37-year-old, he decided to get in touch with Brandy's mom. The pair arranged the meeting for June 13, 2021, and on that afternoon, Brandy sat in her stepfather's yard conversing with friends and family.