Boy Hears Mom Say 'I Love You' Clearly For First Time | Happily TV

A six-year-old who's hearing impairment had been undiagnosed for years lit up when he was finally able to hear his mom say "I love you" clearly for the first time, bringing both to tears. Mom Courtney Inabinette, 30, from Tampa, Florida, had noticed her son Konnor wasn’t talking as much as his younger sister, which she initially thought might be normal for someone of his age. But as time progressed, Konnor's tantrums and temper were assessed by a pediatrician, who sent him for a speech and hearing evaluation, revealing he had a moderate-to-severe hearing impairment. From there, Konnor visited an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist in January 2024, who diagnosed him with bilateral hearing loss symmetrical in both ears which was leading to his frustrations. Then, on January 19, Konnor was given his first hearing aids, which, when they were activated, caused the youngster to immediately light up. As a smile beamed across his face, Konnor then heard his mom say "I love you" clearly for the first time in his life – an emotional moment Courtney captured on video.