Mother-in-Law Gifts Bride Secret To Her Sons Happiness

A bride opens a heartfelt gift from her mother-in-law containing the ‘secret to her son’s happiness’ – and discovers a mirror showing her reflection. During her bridal shower ahead of her wedding to Blade Deaver, Maria was opening gifts from loved ones when her new mother-in-law Lori Deaver handed her a present. Maria, reading the gift card, says: “This gift contains the secret to Blade’s happiness…” before replying, “I thought I was his happiness, but that’s okay…” to laughs in the room. She continues: “When you open it, you’ll see everything he’ll ever need and if you give him 100% of what you see, I know he will be happy for the rest of his life. “Love, the OG Mrs. Deaver – P.S. I loved him first.” Maria then tells Lori she’s happy to share as she opens the gift – sitting back in surprise at the heartwarming gift before showing the mirror to ‘awws’ from family and friends around her. After taking in the sweet surprise in Ocean Gate, New Jersey, she adds: “I’m like, what else can make him happier except food, his truck, and me?!”